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South Norwalk, Connecticut

Located on a small island in Norwalk Harbor accessible only by a single causeway, Harbor View has grown to a Community of 109 homes since its incorporation in 1905. Until well into the 1950s, the Island was primarily a summer colony, attracting many part-time residents, especially from New York City. Nowadays it is a year-round Community, with residents pursuing every kind of occupation.

The Harbor Beach Company, consisting of the property owners of Harbor View, is a nonprofit, incorporated private association. It owns common areas: tennis courts, ballfield and playground, the Channel Avenue “bridge lot”, all the streets, and the Clubhouse, including its grounds, beach, dock, and float. In addition, all residents have access to the water at the ends of Longshore and Neptune Avenues.

While Harbor View residents benefit from certain municipal services, such as sewer and water hookups, recycling, and regular police patrols, it chooses to maintain its private-association status in order to control who has access to its streets and common properties. This means that residents pay for private road maintenance, trash pickup, snow removal, and other communal costs in return for the privacy of their streets, common grounds, beach, and water access-ways.

Harbor View is proud of its tradition of good-neighborliness and encourages all residents to participate in Community activities as much as they are inclined to. Owners and renters alike can enjoy the privileges that go with living here, such as taking part in the Tennis Club and Yacht Club, using the Clubhouse area and baseball field, and participating in all the Harbor View Events that take place here throughout the year.

Our Community is small and our homes very close together. Consequently being a good neighbor is important for the harmony of the Island. This website offers residents a number of guidelines developed over the years that have proven useful in maintaining that harmony and enhancing our enjoyment of this unique setting.