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Neighborhood Crime Watch

Everyone in Harbor View should look out for each other. The Police Department has requested that we immediately report suspicious individuals, and not to be afraid of feeling foolish if it turns out to be nothing. Since the Neighborhood Crime Watch program has fallen into disuse (we still have the signs posted), residentsí knowledge of who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesnít is one of the best deterrents. All cars that belong here should have a Harbor View security sticker on the rear window. Call the Board Security chairperson to get a car sticker if you donít have one. Security: Bitsy Farnsworth 866-4312.

If you are disturbed by loud, inappropriate gatherings at night (as has unfortunately been the case at times during the summer months), please call the police directly rather than the Board to resolve the situation. The Board should be made aware of these situations to monitor them and develop an appropriate response for any continuing problems, but the Board does not act as a security force. Please, call the police whenever you see anything out of the ordinary -- thatís what the police are for. Call 911 or the nonemergency number 854-3000.

Call Bitsy Farnsworth 866-4312 with crime information so residents can be informed through HarborViews, our near-monthly newsletter.

Find out more about crime prevention: Click here.

Important Information

Phone: 866-4312